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Chocolate Recipes Galore is for people who want to learn how to create irresistible recipes using chocolate - dark, milk, white as well as cocoa powder.

My name is Geoff and I definitely fit this description which is why I have created this website.

Chocolate is one of the best ingredients there is. Why? Well for a start who doesn't love chocolate?

It's so creamy, smooth, melt in the mouth and flavorsome. It is also a mood lifter, true! Try this little experiment one day.

Next time you are with someone who is obviously not having a great time, go and offer them some chocolate. Now unless they have allergies they are immediately going to stop and smile. That's how fantastic chocolate is.

How good is it when you can put that same chocolate into a recipe, say a muffin or ice cream, hot chocolate or fudge, mousse or candy.

Right there you can see just how versatile chocolate can be.

For instance, let's take another look at the chocolate cake at the top of this page.

Here you can see that I have used both dark and white chocolate as well as cocoa powder in the one cake. Looks amazing, right? Now for the news that might even shock some. I'm no chef! I just love to create delicious, mouth watering, great looking recipes using chocolate.

The best news in the world is - you can too!

You can clearly see that you don't have to be a master chef of any kind to create beautiful, creative, full of flavor chocolate recipes that will impress many.

The amount of times I have stood back and soaked up the praises of others all because I love to share my passion of cooking with chocolate.

Easy Chocolate Snacks

In just a few minutes with a small number of ingredients you too can whip up many chocolate recipes to share with friends or enjoy as snacks throughout your busy week. Click these images to see even more.

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If you have ever wondered how to be romantic, this photo shows you three key ingredients - a nice warm fire, delish food and of course chocolate!

My aim is to inspire many to learn all I have learned over the years about this food for romantics. Let's face it when it comes to love, the majority reach out for roses and chocolates.

You could even make our very own chocolate roses. Trust me they are  a lot easier to make than they might look. Here you will discover how to make yours even better than boring store bought chocolate candy types.

So let's put on our aprons, turn on our ovens and start making chocolate recipes galore!

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Chocolate Recipes Galore

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